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Automatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner Robot

(117 customer reviews)




  • Item Type: Automated Cleaners
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery (5200 mAh)
  • Dust Tank Capacity: 420 ml / 14.20 oz
  • Working Time: 130 min
  • Size: 34.5 x 9.6 cm / 13.58 x 3.78 inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cleaner
  • 1 x Charging Dock

Automatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner RobotAutomatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner Robot

117 reviews for Automatic WiFi Vacuum Cleaner Robot

  1. A***v

    Vacuum cleaner Super! Delivery sdek by courier to the door is very fast! Orders are satisfied, I recommend the store!

  2. A***v

    Nice robo! Smart and easy to operate

  3. A***v

    Excellent robot vacuum cleaner

  4. G***e

    I want to note the store! Honest! In the box there were not enough replaceable brushes, wrote to the seller and in a week delivered home brushes. Thank you! The vacuum cleaner works well, very much. Packed was reliable.

  5. Customer

    The goods came for 10 days by post of Russia from a warehouse from Russia. in principle, quickly. From the beginning it was not sent, wrote to the store, I was immediately answered and reassured that all the norms will soon be sent. A few days was in the warehouse, after sending drove days 4 from Moscow to Perm. packed well all the whole. Works fine! Photo as everyone.

  6. I***r

    For some reason, the order was divided into two parts, the vacuum cleaner came quickly, and the spare parts went for a long time.

  7. A***n

    Sent the store for a long time, somewhere a week. But constantly was in touch, for this special thanks. Delivery was also not fast about 3 weeks. But the seller also fussed and answered all questions. The goods came whole, everything works. There is no Russian language. Well, it’s okay. Work on somtrim.

  8. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner is cool, very helps around the house, smart and does not poorly clean. Sometimes misses some places, for some reason the hallway does not like to clean at all, you have to always put on it a repeated zoned cleaning. The day after the purchase began to creak indiscriminately, when leaning against the wall or other object of the interior. Not all walks around, constantly on something (wall, table leg, etc.) stumbles and creaks. For this shot *. If it does not break soon, you can close your eyes.

  9. G***r

    Vacuum cleaner is very satisfied. Garbage collects perfectly. Smart. Delayed the transport company, the store decided everything. Brought after that a day

  10. M***s

    How cool it is when someone else is cleaning for you. Especially when this someone is very smart 🙂 on sale it turned out to buy for $190 with all coupons. Brought in for 3 days. You can start remotely, you can select the area for cleaning. I recommend.

  11. Customer

    Everything came perfect, a set of nozzles, as in the description. Not noisy. Collects Well, does not crash into everything in a row.

  12. V***r

    Excellent vacuum cleaner on the market the most popular in such a price category

  13. O***v

    Vacuum cleaner — fire!!! Seller recommend. Due to the overload of mail due to the new year holidays, despite the fact that the order was from China, the store kindly sent the vacuum cleaner from the Russian warehouse, which greatly accelerated our joy of using this miracle of technology, and ordered components from China, which also came. Thank you.

  14. V***h

    I advise the store, before buying a vacuum cleaner answered all my questions did not deceive for which he thank you very much, sent the order immediately after payment, the vacuum cleaner came four days after payment to the Altai Territory brought straight home, many thanks to the seller for such delivery organization, the vacuum cleaner works fine.

  15. R***r

    Wonderful home assistant.

  16. T***y

    Delivered sdecom in 5 days the box was damaged by the Toli dropped the Toli broke but did not get to the vacuum cleaner. The first impression is good turned on like a crowd looking after him as he amused everything clearly makes like in a clean apartment in half an hour dialed a whole container of dust, he crawled everywhere and under the kitchen set, each leg swept everywhere through the hostess, all slippers and cat toys. On the carpet in the room to climb categorically refused though not thick so the last was instantly rolled and sent… Almost in the scrap! Purchase satisfied cool assistant!!!

  17. K***v

    The goods went for a month and a week, delivered to the entrance on the appointed day and the appointed time, connected, transferred to Russian speech. The apartment is B80 sq. m provided that it is partially forced and the cleaning area is 60 sq. m removes for an hour, the garbage container is enough for one cleaning, vacuuming in a day. While everything suits.

  18. D***o

    The product corresponds to the description. Stitched on a sound bag of leather bastards in one evening. I did not understand yet only how to create zones in which he can not visit. Garbage collected twice less than in the enthusiastic reviews of a la “he that, himself generates dust?”. I guess I didn’t have a pigsty at home. Came vacuum cleaner delivery CDEC to home for a couple of weeks with delivery from a warehouse in Russia

  19. R***v

    Waited 2 weeks, in general satisfied

  20. V***v

    Everything works. Robot cool, courier delivery to the door, pretty fast. Seller recommend!

  21. Customer

    Very satisfied. He’s doing his job.

  22. E***n

    While everything is fine, we check, everything corresponds, if something is wrong, I will add a review

  23. I***n

    The First robot vacuum cleaner, compare несчем. Cleans well, the apartment is 80 squares per hour. Recommend!!!!! Great assistant.

  24. D***a

    The vacuum cleaner went two months and was not tracked. Already opened a dispute. Extremely dissatisfied with the delivery. Order was 20 Dec

  25. K***n

    The goods came with empty more than a month. The store sent for a long time, but came in intact. All that ordered everything in the kit. One minus wait a long time.

  26. A***v

    All OK.

  27. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner cleans well, a little while tupit with the map of the apartment and loses the charging station. Easy to manage in Mi Home. The cord is for Russian outlets. Huge minus-store and long delivery! The vacuum cleaner was ordered on December 10 from a warehouse in the Russian Federation (it was supposed to come in 7 days), it was not sent 2 weeks, then sent the wrong tracking number. When I wrote to them that tracking number “left”, the seller reported that the goods in the warehouse in Russia ended. And sent from China. The order took 2 months-was sent only in the middle of January-after contacting the support service of aliexirus. The seller only did Unsubscribe-nothing in the case did not write.

  28. O***A

    Receipt about a month, packed well, received by courier at home. On the second day, the front wheel creaked quite strongly, the service was not addressed, eliminated the problem on their own by removing and installing on the MCC, and so several times. Thought to grease the WD-40 or machine oil, but the squeak after removing and installing the wheel in place stopped. The robot is launched and controlled through the app from the phone. Cleans well, cleaning the apartment with him Steel more regular and thorough. I advise everyone. This device should be in every home 100%!

  29. R***s

    Everything arrived and the robot works well, thank you very much , I’m planning to continue buying in this shop 🙂

  30. L***v

    The vacuum cleaner is wonderful, did not expect!

  31. F***a

    Delivered quickly and even brought home (delivery service). Super.

  32. O***t

    The vacuum cleaner is just super. Perfectly performs all the work

  33. E***h

    Delivery from China, to the Yaroslavl region was 1,5 months, I order from this store for the second time, pleasantly surprised the bonus in the form of a wire with a Europlug.

  34. A***v

    We use a vacuum cleaner for 2 weeks, every day we start it. No claims. Everything is displayed in the Mi Home app-room perimeter, the path of its movement. There is a threshold of 2 cm rides on it normally, not noisy (cleans when the child sleeps) in the first device of course he collected a lot of dirt. After it I wipe the floor with a sponge, there is no dirt and dust at all. Karoche, at first I was against this purchase, persuaded my husband, now I’m happy to buy, went for a walk, started, came clean. Real salvation with small children and for those who have pets. I recommend! Delivered in 2 weeks.

  35. Customer

    I use it out of the box, I do not want to resew. The first robot vacuum cleaner. Price at the time of purchase 15171₽. With everything that write good I agree. I will write that in it or in the application I do not have enough: 1. select the room with which to start the complete cleaning of the apartment. 2. the ability to limit the charge to 80%, to save the battery. 3. remember the penultimate cards. 4. management via Apple HomeKit. 5. Russian voice without restitching. 6. the sensor from stuck in height as the next version. Why refused the vacuum cleaner with the ability to ride with a wet cloth without rinsing and pressing: 1. need after! Everyone! Wet cleaning to rinse the rag, or even wins. 2. less container volume under garbage. 3. the price is 30% more. 4. the danger that the water will still flow while the vacuum cleaner is on the base. I recommend the product, the price/quality is 5! The delivery was chosen from Russia by Russian Post, but the store sent cdek.

  36. P***y

    Delivery is fast, the store is responsive, the vacuum cleaner is excellent, I recommend.

  37. I***v

    Delivered very quickly, in a week, sent immediately, the reviews first scared. The store is normal! Vacuum cleaner working.

  38. A***v

    The goods are excellent, the delivery is very long-ordered 26.12.19 learned 14. 02.2020.

  39. M***n

    Vacuum cleaner fire, though for a very long time comes from China. The store beetle, made a funny discount, only 2 bucks.

  40. V***o

    Everything is super. It came very quickly!

  41. R***n

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, I recommend. When ordering in Ukraine, consider customs clearance + 1000 UAH

  42. F***v

    Ordered 26.01, sent us only 6.02 (and because already 150 letters were written to the store) answered of course the seller quickly, but the same. In the Irkutsk region came an ordinary parcel of 14.02. Everything is fashionable packed, gavryusha is very quiet. Traveled through the apartment, after the first start of 15 minutes and loaded. Carpet shaggy did not osilil, I was in sorrow 🙁 (((((after firmware and charging-I will add.

  43. A***v

    Robot spin

  44. S***v

    Vacuum cleaner-Super. Delivery Week to Arkhangelsk region. The store is sociable. The acquisition is satisfied. Recommend product and seller!

  45. A***v

    Clear Заебись

  46. A***v

    Very cool store! Delivery in 6 days! The product is excellent. In the kit put a cord with euro plug.

  47. A***a

    Sent quickly! It came in 5 days in Ulyanovsk! We order the second vacuum cleaner from this store! Cleaned perfectly

  48. V***v

    The store is sociable, but very long sent the goods. Although the delivery was paid from Moscow in 14 days, the parcel came more than two months, everything works, think yourself, you need to order in advance, if for a gift.

  49. K***h

    Delivery by deck, the set put the wire with normal plug

  50. S***s

    A good little supersky but drove as if in his course well for a very long time

  51. W***r

    The purchase is satisfied, the shortcomings are not revealed, the store is well done, it goes to contact very quickly. Delivered to the apartment

  52. A***v

    Packed very well. Went without damage. Cleans well.

  53. S***v

    Works. I recommend.

  54. A***v

    A month and a half went to Surgut

  55. S***V

    Very and very long shipping

  56. A***n

    All Super came in 5 days

  57. P***l

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ chic robot vacuum cleaner! This is one of the best purchases recently). Much smarter than vacuum cleaners from other famous brands, it competently builds the map of the room and thoroughly cleaned, the main thing is to remove everything from the floor, I got a little damaged rubber roller because of the children thrown on the floor tubes from juice. Xiaomi is considered the leader in this price segment! Compared it also with the second version, if you do not need wet cleaning, you can save by purchasing the first version on the link –> . From the 4pda forum you can flash any language and voice that you like. Now the price of the second model is slightly lowered, so if there is an opportunity to pay, I recommend before buying compare prices from another store on the link –> or here –> save decently. Good luck in shopping!!! Do not forget to put like, finger up)) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  58. P***l

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ chic robot vacuum cleaner! This is one of the best purchases recently). Much smarter than vacuum cleaners from other famous brands, it competently builds the map of the room and thoroughly cleaned, the main thing is to remove everything from the floor, I got a little damaged rubber roller because of the children thrown on the floor tubes from juice. Xiaomi is considered the leader in this price segment! Compared it also with the first version, if you do not need wet cleaning, you can save by purchasing the first version on the link –> . From the 4pda forum you can flash any language and voice that you like. Now the price of the second model is slightly lowered, so if there is an opportunity to pay, I recommend before buying compare prices from another store on the link –> or here –> save decently. Good luck in shopping!!! Do not forget to put like, finger up)) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  59. V***n

    Fast shiping. Fast delivery. Work properly. I like it. Thank you!

  60. A***a

    Great assistant! Thank You

  61. A***a

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly to Karelia, the purchase is happy. Now the house is always clean, vacuuming every day. Everything is fine

  62. V***v

    Everything works, brushes, filter fits. I recommend

  63. N***V

    Great vacuum cleaner. Delivery to Samara for three days from Moscow.

  64. Customer

    fast delivery , product ok , i put it to work….amazing ,connection with app and network very fast

  65. L***l

    Very quickly arrived!!! the store is very good, the counter was damaged during transportation, so the seller sent me a new one!!!! recommend!!!!! and how I lived without it, it’s a miracle thing!!!!!

  66. D***n

    Great vacuum cleaner.

  67. A***v


  68. P***v

    Ordered from the Russian Federation in the light of recent events, price tag 15 k

  69. R***a

    Hodnotím zatím První the, funguje perfect ně.

  70. A***r

    Very good, delivery on time.

  71. M***o

    The filter system seems too simple, only NEPA filter, but I think the engineers calculated everything.

  72. A***h

    I did not communicate with the store. They wrote me when they confirmed the receipt. The vacuum cleaner works. Whole. Purchase satisfied

  73. A***n

    Add the suction power to the description.

  74. G***l

    Got my robot 4 days ago with delivery to the table. charged. since then, he’s been cleaning, and I’m admiring. watchman, so that under the chair is not stuck. happy. very. thank you store and

  75. D***w

    From order to receipt 8 days. Vacuum cleaner and store are excellent.

  76. R***v

    Thank you very much, the goods are super!

  77. K***k

    Everything is fine!

  78. R***n

    Delivery is very long. Ordered December 19, received February 20. Delivery to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. And so everything is fine

  79. J***k

    Above all praise, thank you

  80. A***i

    Super assistant. They called her GLaDOS because they switched their voice to GlaDOS’s voice from portal2. Here really at my house 2 assistant styralka-automatic and GLaDOS)))) really I rest and they work!

  81. N***v

    Everything is super! Delivery of the transport company to the apartment! I recommend!

  82. M***h

    It’s all right, dust original, China.

  83. V***k

    Seller recommend!!!! Vacuum cleaner Super!

  84. Customer

    A wonderful vacuum cleaner and a very good store, I do not know how used to live without this vacuum cleaner

  85. N***a

    Became an indispensable assistant in the house! Very satisfied

  86. C***a

    This was the second Robot I bought from the same store. I can easily say I am very happy with the product. makes everything so easy. So easy to.use and control from the app. The only thing is that it’s a bit difficult to go over thick carpets and it gets stuck. Furthemore the seller was amazing. Very helpful and friendly. Goods received with a week. Highly recommended if you have an area with no or short carpets. Very fast and easy to use.

  87. A***v

    Works as well as the first robot

  88. S***a

    The goods have long been preparing for shipment. And the delivery itself was fast from Russia 3 days before UFA. The goods are satisfied. The package was not damaged, the contents too. The vacuum cleaner quickly tied to the application and cleaning began. In one of the rooms we have a carpet, a vacuum cleaner copes with it, drives, but sometimes it stops, writes that-what is wrapped, although the brush is clean, put a pause, then start again and he continues) so thank you

  89. A***k

    Great device! Works for all 100. For quick cleaning it is! Control from the application. While I got from work, the house is clean! There are nuances… Sometimes (if you do not clean for a long time), a lot of hair is wrapped on the brush and during cleaning the vacuum cleaner stops. After cleaning continues to clean from the same place. Get out better in 2-3 days. Of course depends on pollution. (I have 5 people. And cat). Purchase satisfied. Super. The store is good, reliable.

  90. A***o

    All OK

  91. I***v

    The store jojoschnik, mistakenly paid without a promotional code for 1200 more expensive, did not cancel the transaction, asked to send a set of consumables for this amount, clamped. But the vacuum cleaner was sent the next day, and when ordered the first time could not send about 7-10 days. Vacuum cleaners are good, very like.

  92. V***v

    Order was made 02/01/2020 received by 20/02/2020 Courier. The carrier was cdek. In Russia, the tracker was tracked only in their application. The store sent the order just over a week. The vacuum cleaner itself was not damaged during transportation. The seller has invested the European power cable to order for free. Total: vacuum cleaner, dock, 2 cables, hair knife. Removes well, even skeptics have changed the points of view about useless toys. Now you can forget about manual cleaning. It does not work loudly, as it turned out, at times quieter than the vacuum cleaner at 1kW. The firmware of language packages was not very difficult. For easy firmware of packages there is a clear video on YouTube: “vrhimom0yn4” (this is the code of the movie, just insert in the search engine YouTube (links here can not be left)). Purchase satisfied.

  93. A***v

    A new member of the family)) is removed after a day. Dials a full container, although the houses are clean. I don’t know where he takes garbage. It is not comparable to a clean house.

  94. K***a

    The goods came quickly, delivery to the door. Everything is carefully packed, works perfectly! Purchase is very satisfied!

  95. A***o

    I had to pay the tax, but it is not the store’s fault, but the customs, in general I recommend, you can take it.

  96. E***a

    Satisfied and happy!

  97. R***r

    Stubbornly does not want to connect to my home that I just did not do and the region and the frequency on the router changed as written koroch

  98. E***e

    Thank you, everything is so far wonderful,

  99. K***i

    Everything is perfect! I order the second one!

  100. V***

    Excellent robot vacuum cleaner, reached 10 days to Khabarovsk, Courier. Removes clean, 70 squares for 1 h 40 min, and spent 22% batteries.

  101. Customer

    Sending a little delayed-apparently a lot of orders. Delivery sdek-very quickly. Works for Hurray!!! Daily full and area cleaning. Magnetic edge is not needed, everything is perfectly controlled through the application. It is desirable to buy protective stickers-a kind of cool and less dirty and rubbed. Taking into account discounts, coupons and Kesha cost less than 12 tr.

  102. G***n

    Everything’s fine. It came quickly-it works smoothly.

  103. A***a

    Cool vacuum cleaner.

  104. L***r

    Thank you very much) Excellent device!!!

  105. Customer

    All perfect, fast Shipping.

  106. N***n

    Great item! Goods, original, quality. This is the third vacuum cleaner bought from this store. First I bought myself, friends saw the result of cleaning, ordered 2 more pieces. The usual vacuum cleaner is now dusty idle! Delivery from a warehouse in Russia. The only negative, the goods long go to the warehouse-delivery service. Everything else is super! Recommend product and seller!!

  107. Z***g

    Nagyon gyorsan, 5 nap alatt megérkezett. Massziv, csomagolasban serum. Nagyon hatekonyan takarít, elégedettek vagyunk.

  108. D***v

    Long wanted such a robot. Выбирал long. But when choosing, I always focused on this robot. As I think this robot has the most rational Cleaning card. It passes along the perimeter, and then removes… (on the Internet video can be viewed). It can pass not the entire perimeter of the room, but divided the room into pieces… (again you can watch video on the Internet). This robot builds a map and you can always see where the robot is removed and where to be at the moment. The robot is made very well! Easy to disassemble and clean from debris, spare parts are easy to buy. All functionality can be found on the Internet. I trust Xiaomi. All that is done by this firm is qualitative and reliable. I repeat the main criteria of choice were 1) build quality 2) competent cleaning 3) Cleaning card 4) that this is Xiaomi shorter than a cool vacuum cleaner! The only thing upset that the store sent more than a week and for some reason the parcel went longer than it was specified when ordering.

  109. S***i

    Super lægger, godt bygget, også virker den godt sammen med appen. Hurtig Levering fra Tyskland ingen problem med told.

  110. S***v

    I really liked the vacuum cleaner, no complaints. 5 power modes. The robot does not speak Russian, but it is absolutely not necessary, because it is controlled through the application, fully translated into Russian. If something with the robot is wrong, then in the application you will receive a message in the Russian language explaining what is happening to it now. To whom the voice of the robot is important, then through the application you can choose English voice. If you like to risk, and are not afraid to get a brick on wheels, you can try to install a funny and not very voiced in the Russian language, the benefit on the Internet instructions are enough.

  111. I***a

    Vacuum cleaner just super! Without it now in any way) very well does cleaning

  112. I***n

    The Chinese version came. I did not expect that the vacuum cleaner will be able to clean the carpet so well! Excellent purchase for the house. I recommend to everyone!

  113. V***y

    Do not be afraid to order from this store. The connection was kept, helped to figure out when problems arose. Thanks to the seller for his work. The product itself is good, came with 50% charging, immediately downloaded the application and went to work. All like everyone else. So, I advise both the seller and the vacuum cleaner. In the future, I will add a review after use.

  114. F***f

    It’s okay.

  115. A***a

    Cool vacuum cleaner, downloaded the application, everything is clear, rides, cleans, very satisfied, for a day so much garbage and dust collects, wonder where it takes it)

  116. K***a

    Works great, easy to install and control via the App. Wanted due to Tilt sensors not about my black Carpet ride, since I have no Stairs or Chasms have I the Sensors with tinfoil taped, now travels he also over the Carpet, but you should only make if he nowhere crash can. Volume during operation is also OK. Removed almost all dogs hair and grime from my Parquet Floor. Finds its Charging reliable and adheres to the stored Schedule. Battery lasts for my 75qm loose. Dust Collector should I clean every two Days. Compressed the Dust super. Can it recommend. Was to me from Germany sent within 3 Days with tracking!

  117. P***v

    Excellent vacuum cleaner, fast delivery, well packed. The best model in the market.

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